About Us


Deliver quality, complex projects on schedule, on budget with complete customer satisfaction through caring, committed employees.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Prairie Band, LLC; Mill Creek’s mission is to maximize the unique sovereign status of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation to expand and diversify the economic portfolio of the Nation. With the ultimate goal of Tribal economic self-sufficiency, Mill Creek adheres to the following core principles: respect the past, capitalize on current opportunities and contribute to a stable economic future for the Nation.  www.prairiebandllc.com

Mill Creek is an 8(a) Certified Business, Indian Small Business Economic Enterprise, Tribally Owned Small Business, and Small Disadvantaged Business.

What We Do

Mill Creek specializes in the outfitting of furniture, fixtures, equipment, and technology (FFE&T), medical equipment planning, space planning, transition planning, move management, interior design, and procurement, for healthcare, government, and private sector clients across the nation.

Our experienced team partners with architects, engineers, contractors, and vendors and coordinates with them throughout a project’s lifecycle. The team offers project management solutions for budgeting, scheduling, procurement, and installation to help execute even the most complex and multi-phased transitions with minimal downtime.



Tyler Levier


Tyler Levier is a highly accomplished business professional with a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, business development, government contracting, management, and due diligence. With over ten years of experience in federal contracting, Tyler has successfully crafted and executed numerous business plans to drive market growth.  Tyler, as the Chief Operating Officer of Prairie Band, LLC, has achieved remarkable results. Under his leadership, the company’s revenues soared from $4 million to an impressive $51 million, demonstrating his exceptional ability to deliver consistent success.

As President & CEO of Mill Creek, Tyler assumes responsibility for the day-to-day operations, leveraging his extensive background in business development, he formulates and maintains robust business plans and strategies to ensure the company’s long-term prosperity. This involves forging strategic business partnerships, overseeing company policies, ethics, goals, mission, and budgets. Beyond his role at Mill Creek, Tyler actively contributes to his community through his involvement in various organizations.

He contributes to the local community by serving on the Valeo Behavioral Health Care Board of Directors, participates in Topeka South Rotary, Greater Topeka Partnership’s Equity and Opportunity Advisory Board, and continuously strives to make a positive impact in his community.

Tyler holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in business administration and management, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

Rockell Otero


Rockell Otero is a highly accomplished financial and contracting professional with experience across various industries, including initial outfitting, retail, construction, healthcare, energy services, and government contracting. With a successful nine-year tenure at Prairie Band, LLC, Rockell has held several key positions, including Financial Controller, CFO & Secretary, and Project Manager. Her proven track record in these roles has allowed her to gain an in-depth understanding of the organization’s operations and make significant contributions to its growth and development.

In her role, Rockell focuses on identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, establishing relationships with potential clients, and collaborating with marketing and sales teams to generate leads and secure contracts. She develops and implements strategic plans for the company, setting objectives, goals, and targets to drive growth, profitability, and market share. Rockell also oversees the daily operations of the company, ensuring projects are executed efficiently and effectively, within budget, and on schedule. This includes monitoring progress, managing resources, addressing challenges, and ensuring compliance with industry standards, and regulations. She also implements and enforces quality and safety standards across the organization, making sure all projects meet or exceed industry guidelines and regulations.

Rockell holds an MBA and a BBA. Combining her passion for leadership, financial expertise, and unwavering commitment to community service, she brings a unique blend of skills and experience to Mill Creek, LLC as Vice President.

Tracy Truman


Tracy is a seasoned Transition Planner with 18 years of experience providing transition planning and relocation services on multi-phase healthcare projects. She is well-versed in transition planning, project management, and relocation services. With highly detailed planning and strategic implementation skills, Tracy creates customized, detailed fit-out and occupancy schedules that result in smooth transitions with minimal downtime or service interruption. She has successfully created, managed, and implemented multi-phased, detailed transition plans.

Tracy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Brad Pace


With 25 years of healthcare industry experience, Brad possesses valuable knowledge of medical operations and the incorporation of healthcare requirements into planning and design documents. He has expertise in medical equipment planning for all types of departments, in overall space planning, and in clinical operations in the private and government sectors. Brad is a registered nurse who transitioned from a bedside Emergency Department career to work as a Medical Equipment Planner. His experience enables him to focus on the big picture during the planning and implementation stages, and his attention to detail is instrumental in aligning specification and installation system requirements within each project. He also has experience in the evaluation of existing equipment to determine reuse potential.

In his role as Design and Planning Manager and Senior Equipment Planner, Brad manages the Denver office and oversees the team of equipment planners, Revit designers, and equipment analysts. He works with various design teams to create complete design packages, which include accurate FF&E lists, budgets, responsibility matrices, cut sheets with salient features and utility requirements, installation requirements, and equipment & furniture placement within Revit models. Additionally, Brad provides key vendor coordination activities and plays an integral role in preparing proposals, facilitates user group meetings, manages procurement and warehousing, provides updates and training on Mill Creek’s equipment database, and provides operational and industry knowledge to all projects.

Brad holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Nebraska College of Nursing.

Natalie Saleh


With 8 years of experience in professional writing, editing, and designing, Natalie is an accomplished communication and marketing professional. She is skilled in event planning, writing, editing, social media, marketing, and graphic design. Natalie has been providing public relations services for military healthcare facilities for five years, as part of Mill Creek’s transition planning efforts, ensuring all PR-related activities, postings, and documents remain on schedule and error-free. She is also skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite, using PhotoShop, InDesign, and Illustrator to design public relations and marketing materials. Prior to her work for Mill Creek, she taught college-level business writing and persuasive communication courses at Oregon State University, and she has worked with art galleries, nonprofits, and universities.

In her role as Proposal Manager, Natalie leads the Marketing and Business Development Division of the company. With her meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills, she ensures all proposals are thorough and clear, compliant with RFP requirements, and on-track for timely submission. She also creates and maintains Mill Creek’s marketing materials, upholding brand standards and continually working to communicate the strength of Mill Creek’s team to potential clients and partners.

Natalie holds a Master’s degree in English and a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing.